Adriano Hoelzle de Moraes

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Promotional Model's Stats & Measurements:
Age: 24
Height: 184cm

Ethnicity: Brazilian
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Gender: Male

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Promotional Model's Experience:
The recent jobs and brands that I have recently being involved with were brands such as Nintendo, Magnum, Drench, and Coca Cola ( Relentless energy drink ) Every job was a different experience and learning, for example with Nintendo I worked at the launch of the new Nintendo 3ds XL console, in which I basicly had to demonstrate and the new features of the console and the new games to the public. Magnum ( Ice cream ) was a costume Character job, targeting sales, where I had to be at the supermarket to try and increase the number of sales of the product. Drench ( Juice ) at westfield, It was more of a fun promotion, as I had the juice machine with me in which the public had to play a game on the machine to get a free bottle of juice. And the last one for Coca cola, was a van sales job, where I had to go to cash and carry on a weekly basis to fill up my van with certain drinks and i had to drive around a certain area in london to sell the product., so bascily dealing with money and target on a daily basis. So I consider myself a experienced person on the field that knows what is required to achieve a good standard of service. And top of that, I have a role on a nightclub promotional company ( Sugardolls) which is to make the rota, availability and shifts of around 50 staff on a weekly basis, so I am also learning to be organized and to work under pressure every day!
Promotional Model's Hobbies & Interests:
I am a person who likes to be involved with the public, I am super energetic and one of the ways that I like to use this energy is on the field interacting. I am currently doing a BSc in Business with pathway into marketing at Birkbeck, so the industry of events and promotion has everything to do with my person. I enjoy lots of sports, specially football, a good meal with a nice glass of wine, go to the cinemas and any kind of day out with my family will make my day.
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